Kinetic Revenue Group

Kinetic Revenue Group

Creating progressive change for companies ready to grow

Ignite revenue growth with our executive sales outsourcing.

Kinetic Revenue Group is about positive movement

Our experience lives working within companies who have plateaued or become stagnant, and would like to begin moving again. Through our process we meet with you and your team to listen, understand, diagnose, hypothesize, and analyze.

A History of Results

Since 1981, we’ve been moving the needle for companies and creating positive momentum to their sales pipeline, win rates, and revenue, setting them on a path of winning. Below are just a few of our partners that we’ve helped pivot and create momentum for their teams.

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Positive Revenue Movement

With fresh perspective as an external resource, we leverage our experience to identify and dissect the problems that’s hindering revenue growth, reduce complexity to simplest problem terms, create elegant solutions with plans to implement, provide methods for analysis, and prepare steps to execute any appropriate pivots as new data is collected and analyzed. We’ve been able to bring this together in a 3-step repeatable process to continue to build on success generated and stay ahead of an continually changing landscape.

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